The Hope of Nations

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. (Proverb 29:2)

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The Mission of the organization is to nurture Intellectuals into assuming the Administrative and Leadership responsibilities through the use of their Knowledge and Proficiency in Advancing the Kingdom of God and Lead Positive changes to Societies.

This mission is one of the duties which come under the Divine Commission of Apostle Josephat E. Mwingira which he was entrusted to fulfill by our Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of humankind.


The Organization profoundly believes in:

i) Christianity which is the foundation of Efatha Ministry.
ii) Trinity of God – God the Father, Christ Jesus God the Son and in the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Bible-based Teachings and Principles.
iii) The Power of God for birthing successful generations through moral standards and sound mind.


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Intellectual Summit1
Intellectual Summit1

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The organization maintains two categories of Members:

a) STUDENTS: those who are studying in the accredited learning institutions pursuing a certificate, diploma or degree.
b) PROFESSIONALS: academic qualified personnel at certificate, diploma or degree levels.

Anyone who shows a need to be enrolled as member to the organization must:

a) Subscribe to the tenets of faith, objectives and the mission of the organization;
b) Voluntarily register with the organization and adhere to the instructions as shown in the charter of the organization;
c) Show credible participation to activities aimed at fulfilling the goals of the Mission.


The organization conducts several activities to achieve the goals of the Mission:

1. Bible Teaching and Prayer Meetings
2. Academic development programs,
3. Social affairs adjustment program,
4. Summits,
5. Tours and Retreats.

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